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Rules for claiming other people's land

Discussion in '[BS] - Land Claiming' started by Sniper3, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

    If you want to claim another person's land you MUST:

    1. Plant a sign in the middle of the land or entrance to the building, if there is one, it must be clearly visible with a date that it was planted and torches around it.
    2. Find out who the land belongs to, if there are no signs or you don't know, have a mod check the logs to find out who it belongs to.
    3. Post a thread in Market/Trade with the template at the bottom of this post. Please post a picture of the property from the world map.
    4. PM the owner the link to the thread.
    5. Wait two weeks and see if the owner removed the sign, responded to the thread, or your PM.
    6. Have a Mod come take a look at the property and OK the transfer of land.
    Failure to do the above steps will be in violation of the rules. If you built on the land you would have to restore the land to the way it was. If you took things from the land or building(s) you must return them or it will be considered theft. Also, you cannot claim land just to take resources from the building(s) or chests, you must do something with the land.

    NEW RULE: You cannot claim completed structures or towns unless the owner says otherwise.

    I.E. If all the Morians just disappeared for a month, I couldn't claim Moria. The structures and towns of Godcraft are people's works of art and there is PLENTY of free land in Godcraft for me to build in other places.


    Thread Name: "Claiming [Owner's name]'s land"​

    Land owner:
    Date of land claim:
    Coordinates of land:
    Why I want to claim the land:
    Screenshot of land:
  2. lord_kruor

    lord_kruor Whitelisted Player

    Even for land not within Trade confines?
  3. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

    This is not for /warp trade, this is for all the land of Godcraft.
  4. Amyliz

    Amyliz Whitelisted Player

    Yeah, /warp trade will be dealt with separately.
  5. Togeh

    Togeh Whitelisted Player

    What about claims that were already in process?, the 2 weeks for my land claim i made ends today (i can't get on to do anything anyway), should i still fill in the form? I've PMed on forums and put signs up (2 weeks ago) and posted a thread http://godcraft.com/threads/land-property-claim.4034/.

    The only response i've recieved so far is farm darcy who has been told my Mel0 to take anything he likes from mel0's plots and then let me take the land, this also included the joint hotel, as the land has been given i've started (but nowhere near finished) work on restoring it to natural land.
  6. emmetireland

    emmetireland Whitelisted Player

    Is there a rule where if the person who owns the land has made a thread saying "I won't be on for a few weeks don't claim my land" I'm guessing thats fine but I just want to make sure.
  7. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

    @Togeh Your thread was detailed enough and you did put signs down too. Have a mod OK the claim and that's fine.

    @emmetireland Yeah that's fine.
  8. Togeh

    Togeh Whitelisted Player

    Here's a crazy idea, how about for every land claim you must donate x (let's say 5) blocks of iron to the subway?
  9. JuiceHead

    JuiceHead Whitelisted Player

    How about you donate 50% of items found on the claimed land to the subway or face persecution.
  10. Togeh

    Togeh Whitelisted Player

    I think the only thing subway needs is iron so the rest would be a waste, also how do you enforce it? other than getting a mod to count it all up before you take it down and then there's those things people want to improve rather than destroy :eek:
  11. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

    It's to keep people from just claiming land for the resources.

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