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Notice: Rules update (December 2011)

Discussion in '[BS] - General Talk' started by ElectroBot, Dec 7, 2011.

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  1. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    Here are the rule changes that we have decided on.

    - All claimed land MUST have a border/fence around it. If no border/fence exists then only structures will count as claimed land.
    - All underground structures MUST claim land above ground. Subways tunnels are excluded from this although subway tunnel owners may be asked to move their subway tunnel.
    - Maximum claimable land per player is 250x250 (all claims combined) until significant progress is made and more land is necessary. Land can be given up, but if so, then it must be returned to a natural looking state.
    - A border/fence must have blocks at least 5 blocks apart and have signs every 50 blocks with the name of the player or city. Torches every 20-30 blocks are also recommended. Once a proper wall is build then signs may be moved to just the entrances.
    - No structures/borders/fences other than a road (perpendicular to the main road) may be built within 10 blocks of the main road. Large/tall structures must be built further away from the road. Structures/towns/cities larger than 100x100 must be at least 200 blocks away from the main road on the cardinal directions. Connections to the main road must be approved by ElectroBot/Sniper3.
    - Do not build within 300 blocks square radius of spawn without moderator approval.
    - Do not build within 100 blocks of other players, unless you have prior agreement.
    - Some trolling is allowed, but limit it and don't bother/harass/disrespect players.

    Until the server rules page is updated, these rule updates supersede them. All land claimed before this update are grandfathered under the old rules, but borders/fences should to be placed and land needs to be labelled.
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