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Start of September Update!

Discussion in 'Server & Site News' started by Kane, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    So its the start of the month and its now Monday my time zone. This is a list of what is going on and how its going on and looking for feedback and suggestions and etc.

    First Kane's Life: I'm right now playing a bit more Godcraft Adventures and of course I'm playing WoW and GW2. So yeah I'm really busy enjoying things and its increasing because Godcraft players are decreasing a lot and even more now school started and people are off their holidays for the summer.

    Second Build Server: I'm planning on adding Dynmap sometime this weekend and start working on making it so greys can logon. At first all they can do is logon and that is all I have planned period. I'm really not interested in anything else nor will I ever be really. The time and effort required and the security and things to break is just not worth it and even adding greys might fuck up almost everything for me requiring many days of annoying work. (In English: Build is only increasing because of 1.3 hype, it will die and slowly die over the next couple of weeks like every update)

    Third Industrial Server: This server is ending up like the build server it seems. Its an old out of date model and it seems to have a nasty lag bug on it. At this time we have no plans on doing anything besides updating it to 1.3 when the time comes.

    Godcraft Adventures Server: This server has dropped in population a lot. A lot of people are going back to school and also have taken a break from Minecraft. Not a lot has changed and not a lot of features have come out in recent months. We are planning to of course update this to 1.3 and still be the flagship of Godcraft as long as we have the players around.

    1.3 Update for modded servers: At this point I doubt it will be out in September. We have not even seen certain developers in almost a month on twitter, forum activity, etc. We might be pretty screwed that some the developers might be MIA or just burned out period.

    Player Population: It's stale and its becoming dead. No new players want to play here anymore. I can't even tell you anymore why but I can tell you after talking to a dozen server admins we are not alone. I'm hearing of vanilla servers and the modded servers dropping more then 3/4ths of their population and some have even closed down.

    There is not much here we can do anymore. I can't stand doing youtube videos daily. I have a life and I don't enjoy having to be stuck rendering videos half my day and tying up all my resources on my computer.

    I really don't know what to say anymore. The population is worse then it has ever been. Our VIP3 subscribers have been to the lowest they have ever been. This just adds up and of course I want to do less. No point working day and night like I use to when nothing is picking up anymore.

    Its time for the players to do the heavy lifting of advertising, setting up community events, maybe even build some kind of Advisors or Ambassador program up. Where a new player logs on they work hard to not hand out stuff to the players but get them settled and feel welcomed and etc. I mean this has been done on a few MMORPG's I have played and its pretty amazing. But then again this required a certain type of community and if all we have left is young players who don't want to do things for others and then I don't even know what to say anymore.

    We have a large add thread that I bet everyone who replies to this post or even plays on any of the servers actively has not randomly bumped it in the past months let alone past 72 hours, unless their new to Godcraft and were told to via the app thread.

    Hate to say it guys but it seems that our community might be burned out and its time for you guys to take action and not just always suggest this and that because clearly this and that is not working.
  2. Milhouz

    Milhouz Whitelisted Player


    Tomorrow I will be announcing a plan that I am starting up to hopefully bring some life back and get some other users to make videos. Hope you like the idea when it comes out and maybe we can get some supporters

  3. ColtonisWright

    ColtonisWright Whitelisted Player

    This is a bit embarrassing to admit. But during my early teenage years I was immersed in Runescape Private Servers, these things used to be the BOMB. Eventually however, everyone, not just our server got burned out and pretty much left. It's not something that's a really big scare to me, it's just a game losing it's appeal.

    Currently, this is reminding me a lot of this. Although I will always remain hopeful, nothing can last forever. I know this sounds pretty morbid and you want an uplifting speech and all of that, but it's the fact of reality.

    I hope this will last as long as your willing to make it last Kane and I will continue supporting Godcraft.
  4. ot0_m0t0

    ot0_m0t0 Whitelisted Player

    I would say the hardcore builder, old player base will slowly migrate towards the few good servers left now that the game is dying down. Its a matter of advertizing to get them on board, like a noah's arc of good minecraft players. My crew is packing a punch... soon so stay tight, I would say the future is not so "grey" at all :)
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  5. customchris

    customchris Whitelisted Player

    I don't know about you guys but i have been playing DAYZ all the time now and have not played minecraft in mounts
  6. bennerkaj

    bennerkaj Whitelisted Player

    it is always hard to get new/more members but if we all work hard we can get there. kane is totaly right it is not kane/mod's that need to do all the dirty work. we all need to take our self by the balls and get to work. we as a community need to work together.

    and like always i am sorry for my english. XD
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  7. Kanookoo

    Kanookoo Whitelisted Player

    Unfortunately, it seems as if Minecraft's longevity is near to ending. A game, even with all the mods available and craftable which has its life span increase, will eventually die out. I'm here more for the community, not really MineCraft. Just GodCraft.
  8. baseballboss9

    baseballboss9 Whitelisted Player

    I am still as active as always. And Kane school is starting up again so that is a reason for less people,
  9. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    HAHA, shame to people who have to go to school "starts to think how lucky it is that he was in hospital for so long* I'll try to do something after my tutor comes around (so in about 2-3 hours) GUYS! MY BRACE IS COMING SOON! Then cya Godcraft!
  10. xDiiBs

    xDiiBs Whitelisted Player

    Build won't die. /end thread
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  11. Kanookoo

    Kanookoo Whitelisted Player

    Why leave, dear featherblade2?
  12. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    I'll have school when I get my leg brace :(. But I might be able to stay home untill next term (so like 5 weeks). I wont go back full time this term though :).
  13. mennomobile

    mennomobile Whitelisted Player

    To me, Godcraft is about the community. I'm not a long term member or anything.. I think it's just been about a year since I started playing here, but the thing that drew me to Godcraft were the massive projects like moria, camelot, and the like. What keeps me here is the people. We're helpful (generally) but we also don't just give out free stuff. We like getting people to learn how to make awesome crap on their own.

    Kooj and I joined, picked a spot in the middle of nowhere, and he built some palm tree water fall things, while I went to mine. But, the problem was that no one could find us.. So we asked permission to dig out a subway station on the mainline. Two new players, barely there a week, and we were allowed to participate in what is most likely one of the largest Minecraft projects on any server (as far as size). This kinda "sure, help out!" attitude is amazing.

    Our palm trees became a city, and we built Reef. Well, Kooj built reef. I made really big holes in the ground and dug out vaults. And everyone came to see it. Suddenly these people with massive projects of their own were visiting OUR city and calling it epic. We even had a few build some buildings of their own (Burger shack, Spleef arena, homes on isle district) It wasn't just a building out in the middle of nowhere now, it was a town, a place that was featured in the Godcraft videos.

    Then you made the additional worlds. I bought PvP, if only for the sheep, but what really got me excited was the IC server, and Now GCA. Sure, the community is smaller now, but it's still awesome. But, I'm at a loss for how I can promote it. I post updates to my cities on G+ with a link back, but I'm not active on other forums, so going there and posting would feel spammy to me. I haven't made videos since my Wow Days (is there a decent free fraps like program?) But if there is something you think you can use me for Kane let me know.

    Personally, I really enjoyed your Lets play series because they taught me about how to use IC, and on build they showed off some amazing projects. The only thing that I'd say could use maybe some tweaking is perhaps the "how to" aspect. It gives you enough to go wiki it, but you and some of the others on this server do some amazing stuff with the more advanced mods (the chip factory, etc). It shows off the potency of not only the mod, but how amazing the modding community is for this game. I think something like "Making a chip factory" style video could be really popular. Build it on a SMP server, offer the map to download, include a link to our application process in the vid description, in the readme file, etc.

    But, Godcraft is about more than Minecraft. It's the community. Sure, there is Wow, and GW2, and others.. but I think the strength is in sandbox games. So help me Kane, if there isn't a Godcraft simcity organization, I will use a "Son I am Disappoint" meme.

    Just me .02
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  14. Milhouz

    Milhouz Whitelisted Player

  15. vvenaya

    vvenaya Whitelisted Player

    I fear my new job is so demanding and physical (Building huge industrial printers) that i am usually quite tired when i get back home in the evening. Sometimes i watch some tele, and go straight to bed. That and obviously recent game releases (GW2) are at the basis of me being absent as of late. Besides that minecraft itself is nearing EOL (End Of Life) for most day 1 players. We all have seen and done most of the things that could possibly have been done in the game, and the modding scene slowdown is not helping.

    I can only hope and pray that some other game developer will make a new sandbox game with more features at some point.
  16. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    I second this. The reason I joined the Godcraft Minecraft Build Server back in April 2011 was because of the videos where people were building together, the active community in chat (and later I found out on ventrilo), the lax building guidelines/limitations (no dedicated plots, no need to submit plans before building, etc.). I do agree with ot0_m0t0 that our best bet is to try to recruit the Minecraft "lifers" (the ones that LOVE the game and want a stable server to stay on, but have had bad experiences with other servers shutting down, etc).

    One thing that could be done is to do some live twitchtv broadcasts of builds, spleef, etc.
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  17. xDiiBs

    xDiiBs Whitelisted Player

    For those of you who mentioned it (I saw 2 or 3) that are looking for a recording software that is better than fraps, Dxtory is amazing. It is a lot better than fraps. I'm not sure how much it costs, but you can get it for free easily.
  18. Milhouz

    Milhouz Whitelisted Player

    I'd be willing to do this with my new Godcraft Contractors group so people can see projects that are mostly completed but are being worked on or renovated...giving them a teaser that makes them want to check it out in person.
  19. burns1200

    burns1200 Well-Known Member

    Kane: have to tried or ever thought about linking up with another server? I mean we both keep to our selves but the member from the other servers get a special perk from being a member on the other server and they get a perk on the other server from being a member on our sever?
  20. anthonydddd1

    anthonydddd1 Whitelisted Player

    BRING THE BUILD SERVER BACK lets start community builds....Spleef tourmaments come on everyone let's go back to the good old days

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