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Taking time off (don't claim my stuff)

Discussion in '[BS] - Land Claiming' started by ElectroBot, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. GTA4rox08

    GTA4rox08 Whitelisted Player

    Name: GTA4rox08
    Dates of unavailability: February 15th - February 26th
    Reason: Going on a Vacation to Mexico.
    Other messages: Don't claim my stuff and good luck on the lobby world.

    I should be on later today and early tomorow, just thought I would post this ahead though.
  2. zboyea

    zboyea Whitelisted Player

    Name: zboyea
    Dates of unavailability: March 1st - Mid May
    Reason: Navy Boot Camp
    Other messages: Will hopefully be back by mid may depends when I get internet
  3. kingcam2

    kingcam2 Whitelisted Player

    Dates of unavailability:Now till 1 of april
    Reason: Playing Eveonline, working and Tafe.
    Other messages:Also so got a new job full time and Also starting Cert 2 in IT at Tafe on Friday so I don't have the much time to play any more.
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  4. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    whats you coping me for :S
  5. nthnr

    nthnr Whitelisted Player

    MC Name: nthnr
    Dates of unavailability: March 12, 2o12- until I get stationed.
    Reason: Leaving for Air Force Basic on March 20th, then Tech school, then proceeding to protect the country and shit.
    Other messages: ALL of my land, chests in builds 1&2 are still mine. IC techntux has control, which we have already discussed conditions.
  6. daking009

    daking009 Whitelisted Player

    Name: daking009
    Dates of unavailability: March 21-23, and March 26-April 9
    Reason: School band camp, then Hawaii
    Other messages: During my "holiday sobatical" inbetween the 23rd and the 26th, I will be checking up on things while I still can.
  7. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Name: Kane_Haret
    Dates of unavailability: 23-26th March
    Reason: Guild Wars 2 & Tera Cookie Baking!
    Other messages:
  8. ColtonisWright

    ColtonisWright Whitelisted Player

    Darn, I was just about to claim your land too...
  9. SimenS

    SimenS Whitelisted Player

    Name: SimenS
    Dates of unavailability: 23.03.12 or 25.03.12-30.03.12 or 08.04.12
    Reason: I will be going skiing and I may be there a week extra if I have fun :D
    Other messages: aliparpar remember to give those gold blocks before I get back will you :D And if you want.. fix my shop :D
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  10. Agility_

    Agility_ Whitelisted Player

    Name: TTG_Agility
    Dates of unavailability: May 4th 2012 = May 12th 2012 | It could be longer or shorter.
    Reason: I suffered a concussion which I thought was mild (as did doctors). Well apparently they fucked up and I am pretty fucked right now..
    Other messages: Tuzy Mista_Tubby I hope things are going well on IC :p | Be back when I am well!
  11. keirhan

    keirhan Whitelisted Player

    Name: keirhan
    Dates of unavailability: May 4th 2012 = May 20th 2012
    Reason: studying for final exams and final exams.
    Other messages:will drop in every so often but not for long
  12. Chadosidy

    Chadosidy Whitelisted Player

    Name : Chaodsidy
    Date of unavailability: May 7th 2012 to July 30th 2012
    Reason: I am going to a lot of weddings in a lot of different places....Two in Manitoba, Two in California, One in British Columbia. I am going to be gone on the 7th to go to Cali for two weeks. Then I'll be back and going to the one in BC so I'll be there for a week. Then going to Manitoba for two weeks. Visit with family then go to one of the weddings. Then it's back to Palm Springs for another wedding. So I might be out there for another two weeks. :D It's so nice out there. :D The might be home for about a week which I'll be looking for a job then I have to go to Manitoba for the last wedding....AND I HATE WEDDINGS....:(
    Other messages: aliparpar I will have my Ipod on me if you need me to voice act for anything. And I might be on a friends comp if I can get internet. So I might be on every once and a while. We'll see. :D
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  13. GTA4rox08

    GTA4rox08 Whitelisted Player

    Name: GTA4rox08
    Dates of unavailability: 28/06/2012 - 08/07/2012
    Reason: --
    Other messages: Hope I don't miss anything too exciting.
  14. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Wait wait where have you been for the past 3 months?
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  15. xDiiBs

    xDiiBs Whitelisted Player

    I've seen him on the build server quite a few times over the past few weeks.
  16. GTA4rox08

    GTA4rox08 Whitelisted Player

    Up until a month and a half ago I was playing quite regularly btw.
  17. GTA4rox08

    GTA4rox08 Whitelisted Player

    Name: GTA4rox08
    Dates of unavailability: 21/08/2012 - 12/09/2012
    Reason: A 3 week event of sorts I am going to.
    Other messages: Sorry for being away so much recently. Will try to be back on minecraft all out again once I get back, because I really want to play minecraft as much as I used to.
  18. serg0

    serg0 Whitelisted Player

    Name: serg0
    Dates of unavailability: Today-August 10th
    Reason: Vacation
    Other messages: I wont be able to move my base from GCA.​
  19. aliparpar

    aliparpar Whitelisted Player

    Name: aliparpar
    Dates of unavailability: August 1st - August 10th
    Reason: Going on a vacation to Netherlands for 2 weeks to enjoy some RL.
    Other messages: Did you know weed and prostitution are legal in Netherlands? :eek:
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  20. baseballboss9

    baseballboss9 Whitelisted Player

    Name: baseballboss9
    Dates of unavailability: 9/23/12 - 12/22/12
    Reason: School and Football No Free Time during the week.
    Other messages: Don't Claim any of my stuff!!!!!!!!

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