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Taking time off (don't claim my stuff)

Discussion in '[BS] - Land Claiming' started by ElectroBot, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. keirhan

    keirhan Whitelisted Player

    Name: keirhan, Djjazzykeirhan
    Dates of unavailability: end of november maybe
    Reason: bacame president of geek society and final year of study have near to ne real time to play
    Other messages: claim my stuff. i kill you. simplez
  2. xDiiBs

    xDiiBs Whitelisted Player

    Name: xDiiBs
    Dates of unavailability: 9/28/12 -> unknown
    Reason: MoP
    Other messages: I should be on every day or so for a few minutes, other than that, won't be playing often.
  3. Palacsko

    Palacsko Whitelisted Player

    Name: Palacsko
    Dates of unavailability: present until sometime after december (more than likely in the new year)
    Reason: Busy with school, studying, work.
    Other Messages: Don't have time for the server right now.
  4. Agility_

    Agility_ Whitelisted Player

    Name: TTG_Agility
    Dates of unavailability: TBD
    Reason: Need to clear up some irl stuff
    Other messages: Probably be afk on TS if you need me
  5. emmetireland

    emmetireland Whitelisted Player

    Name: Emmetireland

    Dates of unavailability: 1/2/13 - unknown.

    Reason: Exams and Feed the Beast. Mostly FTB.

    Other messages: I own Egypt(the one that is west of spawn) and I am keeping it.
  6. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    Name: featherblade2
    Alt accounts: HasFace and Mayor_McTurtle

    Dates of unavailability: 11/03/2013 (NZST) - Unknown

    Reason: I've been in the hospital for most of the week, and I'm going into surgery a couple hours after this post. I should be back playing minecraft and working on Phi in a couple days.
  7. keirhan

    keirhan Whitelisted Player

    Name: Keirhan & DJJazzyKeirhan

    Dates of unavailability: present until mid may

    Reason: Exams, dissertation.

    Other messages: i'll still be about on the forums and will still be working with Kooj on the machinima project.
  8. Leaf_It

    Leaf_It Whitelisted Player

    Name: Leaf_It

    Dates of Unavailability: Now, until Unknown future point in time. I plan to return, eventually.

    Reasons: Life happens. And it doesn't wait for anything.

    Other messages:

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