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The City of Elysium

Discussion in '[BS] - Projects' started by TriggerLive, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. TriggerLive

    TriggerLive Whitelisted Player

    The city of Elysium is undergoing a major update/revival. I have been gone from Godcraft for around 6 months and I want to bring Elysium back to life.


    How To Get To Elysium
    Simply go to the Subway 4K South Station and take the Elysium Terminal.

    Who Were Looking For
    • City Planners
    • "Demolition" People
    • Builders
    • Residence
    The city needs some major planning for buildings (interior and exterior), building redesigns, railways and plot planning.

    Anyone who helps with Elysium will get HUGE discounts on plots, condos, etc. People that help a lot will get plots for free.

    All buildings need to be unique though, so if you can only plan "square" structures then your assistance is not needed.

    The rules are posted in the main building which is located in The Seaside, above the cave.

    Now for what you guys want, some pictures!

    City Plans


    Seaside Cave (Access to Tree Farm, Furnace Room, etc.)

    Entrance Building to Little Elysium

    Sky Walkway (Little Elysium)

    View of "The Plains" from Main Building

    The Hole Suites (In The Plains)

    Zones Of Elysium

    The zones are far from being completely planned, so I do not yet know all the structures in all the zones. This is where the planners we are looking for would help. The entire city will one day be surrounded by a wall, but until further planning takes place that will be on the back burner.

    The Seaside : Almost Complete
    A peaceful seaside city. Complete with a harbor, lighthouse and a cave dug away from years of water erosion. Coming to the zone still will be beach side homes, boats in the water and other structures.

    The Summit : Not Started
    A cold harsh mountain. Made livable with log cabins and other buildings. Coming to the zone will be watch towers, "den" (carved into the side of mountains) homes, and other structures to withstand the unforgiving environment.

    Little Elysium : Halfway Complete
    A smaller city with Elysium. Originally a different city all together, Little Elysium was absorbed by Elysium. It's buildings are reminiscent of old Roman architecture, inside the city already is a Bathhouse, sky walkway, common houses, and a market. Coming to the zone will be a gladiator arena, theater, and other Roman themed buildings.

    The Plains : Less Than Halfway Complete
    A wide stretch of flat land, with terrain sprouting from the earth like spikes. A massive hole stands at the base of the mountain in the middle of Elysium, inside are residence and a view to the very center of the earth. A bridge connects the sprouting terrain and at the edge of the zone, a ancient structure sits, secrets and treasure lie deep with it. Coming to this zone will be farmland, windmills, and other structures.

    What Elysium Has to Offer
    • Tree Farm (Birch, Redwood and Regular)
    • Cobble Farm
    • Wheat Farm
    • Furnace Room
    • Massive Amount of Land Available
    • Amazing Buildings
    • Other Stuff But I'm Too Lazy To Continue At This Point :p
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  2. TriggerLive

    TriggerLive Whitelisted Player

    [Update 1 | Dec. 6 2012]
    I haven't had much time to work on Elysium because of school but I have added a market area in The Seaside, I don't really know how to decorate the stalls so if anyone has any ideas please let me know!

    So far one person (Nezin) has joined Elysium, but it is a big project and there are still many spots open, so if you're interested you're welcome to join!

    Entrance to The Seaside Market

    Individual Stall (there are 3 total... so far)
  3. TriggerLive

    TriggerLive Whitelisted Player

    [Reserved for Pictures and Updates]
  4. BearJew1986

    BearJew1986 Whitelisted Player

    One question: What is the overall theme you are going for with Elysium?
  5. TriggerLive

    TriggerLive Whitelisted Player

    Each section has its own theme. I updated the original post to tell you what each theme is :D

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