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The Underground City of Valra (Build World 2)

Discussion in '[BS] - Projects' started by SCReconcile, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. SCReconcile

    SCReconcile Whitelisted Player

    The Underground City of Valra:

    Location (Build World 2)
    /st 3valra

    This build project is now getting on and good progress has been made, with the entrance hall, storage, minecart track and the main hall done; with over 400,ooo cobblestone dug and 155,000 sandstone used. There have been many of people take interest in this project and we're always looking for any help digging or donations (more details below)
    There will be plots for sale somewhere down the line, but not for the next month or 2 and the prices are yet to be decided.

    Owner and Founder:

    Main Contributors (alphabetical order):

    Everyone Who Helped/Helping:
    SCReoconcile, Bennerkaj, Wudosu, Jynke, Darcyryder, Beatdownjack, Roflbobl, Mantuka, Mr_Wingman, Darkbomb429, Gilblobbo, Fauxiss, AntM90, Y3LL0W_BuNny, Zedducius

    Sections (more will be added):


    Entrance Hall
    Main Hall
    Main Corridor/Subway
    Hall/s of Residents
    Hall of Heroes (lists of everyone who helped and statues of any main contributors (Miners/donators))
    Underground Reservoir
    Trade District
    Farms - (all types of trees, wheat, watermelon, pumpkin, sugarcane)
    Minecart Station and Track
    Welcome Centre
    Map Room

    map day 80.png



    Looking for Slaves When Digging Continues... :)
    Anyone who helps can get:
    A plot
    A statue depending on how much you help the project, if not a sign at minimum or a smaller statue
    With the plot you get access to all the farms
    A large vault in the bank with a combination lock
    And maybe a second plot above ground, since i think the underground plots might be like morias just bigger

    Bill of Quantities (Donations):

    Total (main 3):
    -Sandstone 155,000/230,000
    -Red Wool 5,752/9,952
    -Glowstone 5,232/7,260
    Entrance Hall:
    -Sandstone 16,000/16,000
    -Red Wool 1212/1,212
    -Sandstone Slabs 710/710
    -Smooth Stone Slabs 828/760
    -Glowstone 450/450
    Stairs to Storage and Main Hall:
    -Sandstone 8,000/8,000
    -Sandstone Slabs 300/300
    -Smooth Stone Slabs 240/240
    -Glowstone 94/94

    Storage Room:
    -Sandstone 14,000/14,000
    -Red Wool 800/800
    -Glowstone 248/248
    -Sandstone Slabs 90/88
    -Smooth Stone Slabs 318/318
    -Wood Logs (any) 1600/1600
    Minecart Station and Track/Bridge:
    -Sandstone 15,000/15,000
    -Red Wool 240/240
    -Glowstone 244/244
    -Sandstone Slabs 190/190
    -Smooth Stone Slabs 500/500
    -Glass panes 104/104
    -Iron 642/642
    Main Hall:
    -Sandstone 102,000/102,000
    -Glowstone 4,196/4196
    -Red Wool 3,200/3,200
    Main Corridor and Subway:
    -Sandstone 600/75,000
    -Glowstone 40/2,028
    -Red Wool 300/4,500
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  2. SCReconcile

    SCReconcile Whitelisted Player

    Day 1 of Build 2, and Valra:
    3,500 dirt and 17,000 stone down and much more to go.

    Built the entrance and started digging out the entrance hall (100*60*12).
    2011-12-11_00.21.48.png 2011-12-11_00.22.31.png 2011-12-11_00.23.14.png
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  3. aliparpar

    aliparpar Whitelisted Player

    That is one fucking good piece of land. A dessert connected to huge mountain? I think of Tombs....
  4. SCReconcile

    SCReconcile Whitelisted Player

    Thx looked everywhere for a good piece of land, and i forgot to put catacombs on the list since thats what gave me the idea in the 1st place
  5. GTA4rox08

    GTA4rox08 Whitelisted Player

    This project sounds awesome.
  6. SCReconcile

    SCReconcile Whitelisted Player

    Day 2 of Build 2, and Valra:
    Another 1,500 dirt and some 19,000 stone later...

    The entrance hall is now 8 high by 60*100 only 4 more layers to go.
    I've also created i small temporary storage and donation area for anyone who wishes to help, so it can be remembered and be added to the hall of heroes later on.

    2011-12-12_00.50.35.png 2011-12-12_01.14.44.png 2011-12-12_00.55.51.png
  7. SCReconcile

    SCReconcile Whitelisted Player

    Day 3 of Build 2, and Valra:
    Total of 58,000 Stone and 7,000 Dirt and the 1st hall is dug out

    A big thanks to Jynke who helped me finish off the digging, saved be a couple a hours there.
    After the digging i then took the time explore the huge cave system what was left showing, and got a nice little haul out of it:
    -16 Diamonds
    -69 Gold
    -123 Lapis Lazuli
    -113 moss stone
    -495 Iron
    -512 coal (cba mining all of it)

    Not bad for an hour

    Just patched up the floor so it has no holes.

    Next stage...
    Gather the 4000 sandstone need for the floor alone. any donations will be much appreciated and made note of!

    2011-12-12_20.47.17.png 2011-12-13_00.19.21.png
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  8. darcyryder

    darcyryder Whitelisted Player

    epic project idea. when i get on ill help dig/ gather resources :).
  9. bennerkaj

    bennerkaj Whitelisted Player

    i whant to help if you need it :D
  10. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    Looking good. The big stuff is cool, but this type of thing is what Moria is missing.
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  11. SCReconcile

    SCReconcile Whitelisted Player

    Day 4 of Build 2, and Valra:
    Time to Start Building

    Got quite a lot done today thanks to bennerkaj and Jynke helping me start mining for sandstone, got around 7000 (only 9000 left to finish the 1st hall), and laying down the 4500 for the floor.

    Also started looking for glowstone; since its the 1st time i've been to the nether on this server went better than i thought, managed to find 102 blocks of glowstone so 25% done.
    Put down all the stone slabs and sandstone slabs with all the basses of the pillars down in place.

    2011-12-13_16.49.44.png 2011-12-14_02.20.10.png

    And now bringing something beautiful to the new world:

  12. SCReconcile

    SCReconcile Whitelisted Player

    Thanks for that, and if this turns out half as good as Moria i'll be happy.
  13. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    This is starting to remind me of act 2 in Diablo 2.

    One of these days I need to recreate Tristram (the D1 version) complete with 16 levels beneath the town.

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  14. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Do it!
  15. aliparpar

    aliparpar Whitelisted Player

    @SCReconcile Nice project man !
    Btw I would like to buy your gold if you don't need it . The ones that you've gathered from your caving trips.
  16. SCReconcile

    SCReconcile Whitelisted Player

    Sorry im going to be using everything i have/get on decorating this project.
  17. SCReconcile

    SCReconcile Whitelisted Player

    Day 5 of Build 2, and Valra:
    Almost there

    -Built all the pillars
    -Managed to find 229 glowstone
    -Got much more sandstone
    -And then build 2/3 of the roof

    Very big thanks to bennerkaj since he’s harvested and laid down about 700 red wool out of the 1212 total.


    There’s NOT going to be any photos tonight of the progress we've done, since it’s so close to completion its best to show the whole thing when it’s finished.

    But here’s a photo of what happens when you take 13,500 sandstone from sand/sandstone out of a desert.

  18. GTA4rox08

    GTA4rox08 Whitelisted Player

    I would be willing to sell you some red wool, as the items list says you need it. Pm me ingame and we can arrange something :]
  19. SCReconcile

    SCReconcile Whitelisted Player

    Day 6 of Build 2, and Valra:
    First hall is done!

    Well didnt think it be done this soon.
    Time for a bit of a break and start planning out the next sections of the build.

    2011-12-15_16.44.40.png 2011-12-15_16.45.05.png 2011-12-15_16.45.13.png
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  20. aliparpar

    aliparpar Whitelisted Player

    Holy shit that is beautiful! You truly are following @Bagline 's footsteps :)

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