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The Wall (Game of Thrones) - Suggestion

Discussion in '[BS] - Projects' started by hls11, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. hls11

    hls11 Whitelisted Player

    Hey everyone... I have a project idea that I wanted to suggest if anyone wants to take it on. If not, maybe I will start it when I'm back online at the end of July (I'm studying for the bar exam right now and in any case my desktop computer died when I shipped it across the country). I figured I would start a thread while it's fresh in my mind, and maybe someone will like the idea and want to take it on themselves.

    Anyway, the idea is the Wall from the book/HBO TV show Game of Thrones. For those not familiar, it's a giant ice wall that separates the North ("Beyond the Wall") from the rest of the kingdom.

    The key features would be:
    -Built entirely out of ice and/or snow (or maybe ice with snow behind it... not sure)
    -Built perpendicular across the main north road, a little south of 8k in the snow biome
    -The main road would pass through the wall through a series of gates
    -Very tall (up close to the build limit), with a walkway along the top and maybe some small wooden structures on top as well
    -Thick, if the location permits (~10-20 blocks thick I would guess)
    -Wooden stairway and elevator going up on the south side of the wall near the road
    -Small castle and buildings on the south side (Castle Black) - kept relatively short so that the wall appears tall

    This is the location I had in mind. It's possible the wall wouldn't be able to stay completety straight, in order to stay on the snow biome (if ice is the building material used), but I haven't checked out the area in person. Ideally it would run as straight and unbroken as possible.


    Here are some images of the wall from the TV show or elsewhere. The first two are versions of the south side, and the third is the north side.



  2. borninla

    borninla Whitelisted Player

    I like the idea of this. I'm not a huge fan of Game of Thrones, but this looks like it would be a good fit in front of Moria 0.o
  3. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    Major problem: I don't believe water freezes on any biome, but winter (the one covered in snow). Besides you can only freeze water, you can't move ice blocks.

    I like the idea though. Good luck.
  4. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    as someone who constantly plays in a snow biome, you should be aware that the snow on the map doesn't necessarily make the borders of the biome. (I constantly find it raining on the snow at the borders)

    uh, other than that I would agree with ice/snow behind it or just plain snow. The good thing about snow is you don't need a snow biome for it to stay.
  5. doublenum

    doublenum Whitelisted Player

    id rather see one of the cities from the game of thrones universe be built like the Eyrie


    .... OR of course kings landing

  6. hls11

    hls11 Whitelisted Player

    The Eyrie was actually my first thought, but I was trying to think of something that even I could pull off :)
  7. doctorfilth

    doctorfilth Whitelisted Player

    I was just about to post a suggestion to build "The Wall"
    Guess you bet me to it.
    Who owns the land?
    I would be keen to build it.
  8. Rockslide

    Rockslide Whitelisted Player

    Excellent idea :)
    <-- fan of GoT
  9. hls11

    hls11 Whitelisted Player

    I don't think anyone owns the land, but I haven't checked it out in person. Judging from Kane's daily video from yesterday (part 3/3 of the north road) and from the isometric map, the land is completely open and up for grabs.

    Here are some possible wall types I made really quick in MCEdit. From left to right is (1) ice, (2) ice with snow behind it, and (3) snow. Texture pack is Gerudoku.


    My vote is for snow because I think it looks better. Also, then the wall can be hollow, plus the exact wall placement won't matter as much because snow can be placed anywhere including outside of snow biomes. The sides and top of the wall could be more rugged maybe, but it might be hard to get it to look natural. (I like the way the top of the wall looked in the show.)

    doctorfilth if you want to start building it, go right ahead! I wish I could help out but I won't really be available for 3 more weeks, except for an hour or so here and there. If you do start I will help out when I can, and I might start collecting snow if that's what material you chose to use.

    Here's another pic of a wall made with MCEdit

  10. doctorfilth

    doctorfilth Whitelisted Player

    I agree snow blocks will be the main blocks, maybe a bit of ice in between.

    I have marked out a point on the north road where we could possible start the wall. seems to be snow biome at least 300 blocks each direction from the road.
  11. Anardion

    Anardion Whitelisted Player

    The Wall would be a welcome addition to Gocraft, though I'd also like to see some cities, like the Eyrie or maybe Winterfell... I guess King's Landing might take a bit too long to build... It's huge.
  12. Sounas

    Sounas Whitelisted Player

    Seems nice but for the love of god, dont make the wall perfectly straight, because that would be terribugly. Make it look natural by making lots of indents, small curves, weathered down parts etc
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