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This thread is devoted to--

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by zombzeh, Sep 29, 2010.

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  1. zombzeh

    zombzeh Whitelisted Player

    --those that have donated to the server but specifically stated that they did not want a purple name.

    I have a special bromega-fistbump waiting here for those that have joined me in the ranks of selfless social debauchery.
  2. MuuhMuuh

    MuuhMuuh Whitelisted Player

    Why don't you want a purple name? Please state the reasons.
  3. zombzeh

    zombzeh Whitelisted Player

    I've worn a purple suit before. It was way too tacky for my tastes. The only thing nice about it was the tie, but outside of a likewise purple suit, a purple tie only goes well with a black suit-- and that still looks pretty tacky.
  4. CrazyMLC

    CrazyMLC Whitelisted Player

    Purple isn't very flaatterinng!~

    But no, seriously, I don't like the purple.
    I would opt for a sky blue if I were to donate... >_>
  5. zombzeh

    zombzeh Whitelisted Player

    It's true. Seriously, when I wore a purple suit, I looked like I'd suddenly gained fifty pounds. It was far from cool.

    Edit: military green is my favorite color, incidentally. I have a hounds-tooth vest and a solid color tie in that shade, and they are easily the best pieces of business-wear I own. Since that is not an option for a donation name color, and blue is the next best thing, I've opted to retain the default color, even though-- as of October 2nd --I'll have donated twice to this server.
  6. tehmon

    tehmon Whitelisted Player

    i would like the donator color to be sky blue also and i think mods should have a golden name
  7. MuuhMuuh

    MuuhMuuh Whitelisted Player

    This topic was discussed in the dawn of the server. Colors have changed alot, and honestly why do you care so much about your color in the chat. Donating is about donating, not paying to get benefits.
  8. Xzalander

    Xzalander Whitelisted Player

    Only reason you'd possibly want to not have a purple name in my opinion is if your donation was quite hefty ^^.
  9. zombzeh

    zombzeh Whitelisted Player

    Because vanity is my favorite sin.
  10. Dudemanguy86212

    Dudemanguy86212 Whitelisted Player

    color in chat is kind of a null argument, i mean if it's that big of a deal, go to your color manipulator for your monitor (dunno the real name of this) and set all the ranges of purple to show as something else (or just fill it with the white/black default color).

    Donating is something you do if you like the server, it's got nothing to do with the perks involved... and if someone did only do it to get a purple name then well that's kind of awkward... lol.
  11. zombzeh

    zombzeh Whitelisted Player

    Have you ever seen a purple suit, Sir Guymandude? The horror of that color on a person would blow your mind.
  12. Dudemanguy86212

    Dudemanguy86212 Whitelisted Player

    Dear sir, how dare you disgrace the mighty pimps, you shall be struck down by the backhand just like the thousands of bitches before you! :D

    I agree purple may not be the best choice, but that shouldn't stop you from donating. That's my point. If you're that vain that you don't donate because of a color in chat (which is mostly white anyways, aside from names) then that's just rather disappointing.
  13. zombzeh

    zombzeh Whitelisted Player

    You should probably reread the first post in this thread a few times, my man. You've come to a very grave misunderstanding.
  14. Dudemanguy86212

    Dudemanguy86212 Whitelisted Player

    ah... i stand corrected :)

    In that case... To each their own? Lol.
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