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Trade 3.0 Island Assignments

Discussion in '[BS] - Market / Trade' started by ElectroBot, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Milhouz

    Milhouz Whitelisted Player

  2. PikePeicrer

    PikePeicrer Whitelisted Player

    1 own 2 accounts and 2 first floor trade plots i would like a island of my own and piekiller and ztww89 would like a island
  3. xpgkaz

    xpgkaz Whitelisted Player

    I have a first floor plot, just put me on whatever island you wish =)
  4. TriggerLive

    TriggerLive Whitelisted Player

    Sounds good to me :D
  5. ComradeTaco

    ComradeTaco Whitelisted Player

    I have a 2nd floor trading plot, and I was wondering if it would be possible for a the last plot on island #4?
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  6. djbrooks06

    djbrooks06 Whitelisted Player

    is there a time frame to claim these plots? i def would like to get one when i can start playing some more. i have a 1st floor plot in 2.0 trade.
  7. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    Hopefully we'll deploy trade 3.0 this weekend (I have to do some touch ups to it). I'd prefer that we have most plots laid out and paid for before then.
  8. djbrooks06

    djbrooks06 Whitelisted Player

    ah then put me down for a plot. i can join anybody's island. if no one wants me ill take that #8 island :)
  9. lord_kruor

    lord_kruor Whitelisted Player

    Edit: never mind i saw that trade info sticky.

    for those of use who dont currently have a current-Trade plot, how much will our plots cost in new trade? or were they free? [mindblanked]
  10. GTA4rox08

    GTA4rox08 Whitelisted Player

  11. BlandSauce

    BlandSauce Whitelisted Player

    I have a floor 1 in 2.0. I would be interested in doing a group-designed island, preferably something that fits the traditional "medieval" theme, or at least the "not made of gold blocks" theme.

    A few questions
    Are we able to move our plot at a later time, whether it be to a new plot on the same island, or a new island completely?
    If we can't move, it's fine to wait until new islands open to claim a plot, correct?
    Will 2.0 be open for a while after 3.0 has opened, or should we take anything we want now?
    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie-Pop?
  12. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    - You'll be able to move to plots on different islands if you wish with notice given to the trade manager.
    - Once trade 3.0 opens, players will be given 1-2 weeks to move their shops. Both trade warps will be active during this time.
    - 42
  13. aliparpar

    aliparpar Whitelisted Player

    ???????? lol
  14. lord_kruor

    lord_kruor Whitelisted Player

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  15. aliparpar

    aliparpar Whitelisted Player

  16. nkralles

    nkralles Whitelisted Player

  17. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    I'm not forgetting players. I'm letting active player who want a plot choose their island mates. This is stage 1 of weeding out inactive shops from trade.
  18. nkralles

    nkralles Whitelisted Player

    Ok I don't really care which island I am on, as long as me and @moe992 will be on the same island
  19. Cameron146

    Cameron146 Whitelisted Player

    Can I get a trade plot aswell? Already got one on floor 2 of Trade 2.0

    Not too bothered where it is but I'll go on island 5 if nobody has any problem with that. :D
  20. Jim_Jam94

    Jim_Jam94 Whitelisted Player

    I'd like to buy a plot on Island 7, Pike came to me about it, so it's all Ok.

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