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Trade 3.0 Rules

Discussion in '[BS] - Market / Trade' started by ElectroBot, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. ElectroBot

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    1. Only ONE plot per person. Payment for plots MUST be made with the account that is buying the plot.
    2. You may NOT resell, rent or give away plots. Plots belong to the account owner, not to the person who payed for it. If a plot is not wanted anymore, the account is unused for 2 months or the account is perm-banned, the government reserves the right to reclaim the plot.
    3. Do not use trade for anything other then trading. This means you may trade using the automated sign system with chests or the old fashion way with dirt on top of the chest. Casino's, Rollercoasters, Zoo's, etc are not allowed.
    4. You may not have a VIP Member create or setup an Auto ChestShop system for you. This is a VIP Award that helps pay for Godcraft. You are only preventing people from signing up for VIP Services.
    5. Trade plots have a limit of 50 signs. Try to use as few signs as possible to reduce lag for players.
    6. Neighbouring plots may join together. If the plot owners of an island wish to (as a collective), they may modify the island (theme it), but they may not go outside of its borders horizontally nor go below it. A road (although modifiable) to each of the 4 cardinal directions must remain on the island.
    7. Unless you intend to merge shops together do not exceed you 16x16 lot with anything. No advertising or any other modification to trade is allowed (outside of your plot) unless approved by a moderator.
    8. Payment for plots may be made in diamonds or iron blocks.
    9. Inspections of trade plots may be conducted by moderators to make sure that rules are being upheld.
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