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Underground Cities

Discussion in '[BS] - Projects' started by Cypher86, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. Cypher86

    Cypher86 New Member

    Massive underground cities, Each city would need to have the caverns cared out then the buildings made,
    With each city connected to each other by a subterranean highway network.
    I was thinking it might look like the inside of a shopping center/mall If you could picture what a 2 story mall would look like.

  2. Leonical12

    Leonical12 Whitelisted Player

    Now that is an epic idea if ever i heard one.
    oh now only if there was lava nearby the bottow floor could be glass with lava underneath xD
  3. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    That would be pretty sick!
  4. Hopke

    Hopke Whitelisted Player

    It would be awesome, Perhaps there should be set holes in the roof filled with Glass to let some sunlight through?

    i thinking more along the lines of say Ironforge type layout? ( if any of you know what that is? if not google ironforge ^^ )
  5. Andy

    Andy Guest

    ill start reading before posting haha
  6. Jeffers800

    Jeffers800 Whitelisted Player

    I'm thinking... giant TNT explosion creating some massive caverns underground, that we can then build with :p
  7. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    TNT can be quite damaging to a server I found in a lot of testing and research. I mean really bad causing some block glitches that fall through the map but don't despawn right and you can actually see it spamming the server side.
  8. Hopke

    Hopke Whitelisted Player

    Then no Tnt :D
  9. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    I had a lot of practice playing SMP on my own time testing out things.
  10. Hopke

    Hopke Whitelisted Player

    I think you should Blacklist TNt untill we actually need it ( if ever )
  11. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah I agree though I should not have to with this community lol.
  12. Hopke

    Hopke Whitelisted Player

    Yeah but you never know, some one uses there account and goes online? they leave there computer on and a friend comes on and plays?

    Just gotta be safe than sorry ^^
  13. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    No I agree though will also have backups too. But I also got backups <3
  14. Hopke

    Hopke Whitelisted Player

    Backups are A lifesaver ^^

    Hows the ETA coming along? running on schedual?
  15. brdsgaard

    brdsgaard Whitelisted Player

    the idea sure is crazy and may even be worth a try but it will take countless hours
  16. Hopke

    Hopke Whitelisted Player

    but it will be worth it!
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