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Your RL picture.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cchromium, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. cchromium

    cchromium Whitelisted Player

  2. Vermino

    Vermino Whitelisted Player

    getting ready to ride some twisties on the honda
  3. Humming

    Humming Whitelisted Player

    *Poke cchromium* xD
  4. ZeeBoDOTdk

    ZeeBoDOTdk Whitelisted Player

    It's cool to see who you're talking with once in a while, so I will play along.
    I don't have any self-taken-shots tho', but I thought that 2 drunk-and-not-self-taken-shots, would do the trick. :p

  5. PatientZero

    PatientZero Whitelisted Player

  6. phailrace

    phailrace Whitelisted Player


    i had to....
    Patroit likes this.
  7. Bieb

    Bieb Member

    This server is a sausagefest.
    Zach00123 likes this.
  8. intelekt

    intelekt Whitelisted Player

    Seriously not one female on the server that I know of.. sad meat.
  9. phailrace

    phailrace Whitelisted Player

  10. Galkurn

    Galkurn Whitelisted Player

    This is me :/ I'm 17 almost 18
  11. pokemaughan

    pokemaughan Whitelisted Player

  12. laxlohi

    laxlohi Whitelisted Player

    Doing a little show on halloween a few years back..

  13. accidentalrebel

    accidentalrebel Whitelisted Player

  14. Tramz

    Tramz Whitelisted Player

    Dont mind the copyright thing :lol:
  15. pokemaughan

    pokemaughan Whitelisted Player

    Ah, the obligatory "cell-phone and the bathroom mirror" picture. Classic. :mrgreen:
  16. KidnapRansom

    KidnapRansom Whitelisted Player

  17. MikkerBabz

    MikkerBabz Whitelisted Player

    dont have any other, lol :b
  18. Zach00123

    Zach00123 Whitelisted Player

    ok lol, i would put a pic on but i have no clue how :( someone tell me!
  19. Zach00123

    Zach00123 Whitelisted Player


    Thats me........... my GF just woke me up from my hangover :(
  20. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

    Me about two years ago... with some long curly hair... :lol:


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