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Account Safety

Account Safety

Minecraft has been experience a grossly huge amount of account theft. Minecraft/Majong are the ONLY people who can recover your account. Here's some information to help protect your account.

If you have lost your account, I am sorry, GodCraft can not help you recover your account.

GodCraft is not responsible for you losing your account. Anything said here is in suggestion from myself from years of experience on the internet.

------Regarding Your Password------

I suggest it be changed immediately; AFTER reading this whole post.

---Password Strength---
How to improve your password.

-Eight (8) Plus characters.
-Consist of at least 1+ Upper-case letters (Examples: ABCDEFGH)
-Consist of at least 1+ Lower-case letters (Examples: abcdefgh)
-Consist of at least 1+ Symbols (Examples: [email protected]#$%^&*()_+-=) ; Please note some symbols may not be accepted for a Minecraft password
-Consist of at least 1+ Numbers (Examples: 1234567890)

By utilizing all 5 of the above suggestions for your password, it will be extremely harder for someone to "hack" or "brute-force" your account.

---Password Extras---

Keep them guessing. It can take a long time to hack an account, if the password keeps changing, it'll take even longer!
-I suggest changing anywhere from once a day to once a week (At least while there is this huge debacle going on.)
-Do NOT write down your password on your computer on a text document or whatever. Write your password on a piece of paper. If it isn't on your computer, they can't find it.
-Disable password-saving. Some browsers allow you to save your password, disable this (At least temporarily)

------Regarding Cheats and Hacks------
It shouldn't have to be said, but just don't cheat.

---Regarding Downloaded Cheats/Hacks---

-Remove any cheat programs you may of downloaded for use on Minecraft. They can contain key-loggers.
-Do not download any software for use on Minecraft unless it is confirmed to be safe.

---Regarding In-Game Cheats/Hack---

-The only safe cheats on Minecraft are the ones from the original Minecraft Server software. /give or /item

Do you have cheats/hacks already downloaded/installed?
If so I suggest removing them completely. Possibly even removing your whole Minecraft folder/exe. If you installed or ran another program to play Minecraft it could've altered your files for Minecraft.
After doing, I suggest running a virus scanning program, possibly even Spybot: Search and Destroy, it's a malware/spyware detection and removal program.
After that is taken care of, go ahead and reinstall Minecraft. (Download a new EXE from the www.minecraft.com website and run that.)

---Regarding New Plugins---

-I suggest to not download any new plug-ins unless they are confirmed to be clean of key-loggers/viruses/trojans/whatever.

---What is a Key-Logger?---

-A Key-Logger is a program that well, logs your keystrokes. They can be rather ingenious and extremely hard to detect. They can come on when you enter the http://www.minecraft.net website and then turn off after they've stolen your account.

---Safe Call---

It would be safest for everyone to assume anything recent/new contains software to steal your accounts, unless proven to be safe.

------Regarding Servers------


Plug-ins could contain Key-Loggers or something of the sort that could jeopardize the safety and integrity of your server and your servers players. Do not download any new plug-ins unless they are confirmed to be safe.

---Open Servers---

Open servers may be getting the brunt of the attacks. A player or players may of found a way to log the code transferred to the server to figure out what a player had entered for their password. I would suggest to stay out of open servers.

TO KANE: I would suggest disabling the test Server until everything is sorted out, for your safety, the servers safety and GodCraft's players.

------Regarding Websites-------


Please remember that, that is the URL address to Minecraft. Please keep an eye on the URL if you are navigating around Minecraft forums/websites.
The Minecraft site ends in .net
It will never end in: .com .org .ru .tk .biz and on.

Do not enter any information for Minecraft unless you know for sure it is the Minecraft website.


On a personal note.

Just avoid downloading anything new for Minecraft, it could be dangerous. This could be taken care of soon, but if you lose your account, it may be much... MUCH longer before you get it back.


Your fellow GodCraft member,
Jul 29, 2011