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Clients and Recommended Mods

Clients and Recommended Mods

Recommended Clients


For help with installing clients/mods please refer to the following Whitelist forum:

Recommended Mods

MultiMC (multiple Minecraft instance launcher)
Minecraft Version Patcher (lets you downgrade from the current vanilla JAR to almost every previous version)
MCNostalgia (lets you downgrade from the current vanilla JAR to almost every previous version)
MCPatcher HD Fix (HD Textures, HD fonts, better grass and random mobs)
Minecraft Forge (necessary for some mods to function. includes FML [Forge Modloader])
Modloader (necessary for some mods to function)

Additional Control/Settings
OptiFine (FPS Boost, HD textures, HD fonts, bettergrass)
ControlPack (AutoSneak/Run, AutoTool, SmartFurnace, LOOKBEHIND + Lots More)
Macro/Keybind Mod (Macros, keybinds)

Rei's Minimap (minimap)
ArmorStatusHUD (Shows armour and current tool/weapon/block durability/count)
DirectionHUD (Shows compass at the top center)
StatusEffectsHUD (Shows potion effects without going into your inventory.)
IngameInfo (Displays in-game time, real time, XP level, light level, biome, FPS, etc. Configurable)
Advanced HUD (Allows you to reposition/alter vanilla HUD elements.)

Inventory Management
Inventory Tweaks (additional item manager and sorter)
Convenient Inventory (easily manage stacks of items)
HotSwap (Swaps Hotbar with a line of your inventory)

TabbyChat (GUI Chat Overlay with Tabs, chat logging, filters...)
Improved Chat (Unofficially updated by GuntherDW)
Minecraft Console (GUI Chat Overlay)

In-game Overlays
Minecraft Capes/Cloaks (Shows yours and other players cloaks uploaded to www.mccapes.com
Show Durability Mod (shows item durability when hovering over it)
Rave Mod (makes players, zombies, skeletons, endermen, zombie pigmen, cows, sheep, and pigs rave.)
Schematica (Copy and paste ghost [visual only] schematics of structures.)
Monster Spawn Highlighter (highlight where specific mobs can spawn.)
Back Tools (sheathed tools/weapons on your and other player's backs) (doesn't work with Minecraft Capes & Cloaks)
Original Chests Mod (chests are full blocks like they were before Beta 1.8)
Mob Dismemberment (Blood and limb dismemberment when killing mobs.)

Other mods
NEI (Not Enough Items) (used in recipe mode only)
Camera Studio (Let's you set camera positions/movement. Requires flying ability if used in 1st person mode. Has 3rd person mode.)

For the crazy/adventurous ones
Dynamic Lights ('shining' items illuminate everything around them when held or dropped)
GLSL Shaders (nice shadows)
Water Shader Alpha (nice water)
MAtmos ('texture pack' for your ears)

Custom textures

Sphax PureBDCraft 1.4.2
Sniper3's Gerudoku 1.2 + Sphax 64x IC/BC/RP
Sniper3's Gerudoku 1.2 + Sphax 128x IC/BC/RP
Nov 1, 2012