1. Hey Guest! We just wanted to let you know our new website is http://stonelegion.com and our new YouTube channel is http://youtube.com/stonelegionvideos Godcraft had lasted well over 3 years and became one of top servers in the world. We had decided overtime to start fresh with a new Site & Name but also change our ways. In the past Godcraft cost a small fee to play where Stone Legion is %100 free! So please check out http://stonelegion.com and hope to see you soon!
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[GC-A] Godcraft Adventures Server

[GC-A] Godcraft Adventures Server
Welcome to the Godcraft Adventure Server Wiki Page.
Launched in July 2012, this is the latest server for Godcraft featuring commonly found mods such as Industrialcraft and Buildcraft as well as others created specifically for this server!​
The GC: Adventure world is a Player vs Environment map with PvP zones centered around profitable resource towers, not only providing useful items, but also holding the dungeons required to find rare and powerful weapons and tools these towers are dangerous places with great rewards!​
Here you will find all the information you need to play our server. If there is an issue then please let one of the moderators know. Please also take the time to read the Rules / Guides as these are strongly enforced.​
Wiki Pages:
Getting on
Client Download (Includes Server IP)
Getting Started
Other information
Known Issues and Workarounds
Feb 22, 2013