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[GC-F] Godcraft Frontiers Server

[GC-F] Godcraft Frontiers Server
Welcome to the Godcraft Frontiers Server Wiki Page (Read and you will not be confused!).
Launched in September 2012, this is a temporary (4-8 weeks) server series called Godcraft Frontiers. Some season will be private where other seasons might be public seasons. Public and Private is currently active, where Public is a public (free) server and Private is a private (invite only) server but you can play SSP on both of the Seasons using our client or of course play on the public server (Public) with other players.
The Wipe: At the end of each season given some kind of notice we do the major wipe. We don't offer map renders nor do we offer a copy of the world do to the sheer size of it. We suggest that you take your pictures and videos before the last day of the season as something bad might end up happening that day!
This is a Vanilla server which means that we don't have access to World Guard protection, Log Blocking, Dynamic Map, etc. The point of this server is to have fun, but NOT at the expense of other players. Griefing is NOT allowed unless both parties agree to wage a war/battle/etc. If we catch people griefing, stealing, harrassing others, we will take action. Please don't build within 100 blocks of another player or 200 blocks of spawn. Spawn protection is 200 radius from 0,0.​
Simple, Just Download Our Launcher and click "GC Frontiers Public" from the client menu and update and your done. If you are playing Single Player then its recommended you use Private the same one that Kane uses in his Let's Play Series.​
Getting on
Client Download (Includes Server IP)
Getting Started
Frontiers Public: (In Progress - Public Server):
Start Date: 10/05/2012​
Finish Date: Est Dec 2012

Frontiers Private: (In Progress - Private Server):
Start Date: 10/19/2012​
Finish Date: Est Dec 2012​
Season 1 LP Series (Retired):
- Let's Play Video Series​
Season 2 LP Series (Retired):
- Let's Play Video Series​
Season 3 LP Series:
- Let's Play Video Series​

Other information
Nov 4, 2012
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