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GC Minecart Mania Quick Guide

GC Minecart Mania Quick Guide
Here's a quick guide on the basics of Minecart Mania, a bukkit plugin we run on the [BS] Build Server.

Departure Station


A pressure plate above a block, next to a redstone dust, followed by a jack-o-lantern (with a track above it), next a lime wool (with a track above it) and finally a booster track will create your departure station.

The pressure plate sends a redstone signal (through the redstone dust when stepped on) to the jack-o-lantern which spawns a minecart and sends it down the track. When the minecart passes over the lime wool it will suck a player into the minecart within 4 blocks and finally the booster track makes sure the cart is travelling at the default Minecraft Minecart speed of 100%.

Arrival Station


The arrival station consists of a iron block (with a track above it), then an iron ore (with a track above it). Finally a "[eject Here]" sign needs to be placed within 8 blocks of the iron ore block.

The iron ore will eject the player at the location of the [eject Here] sign and the iron ore will destroy the cart.

Setting a destination station

A player can either set a destination station by typing in a /st command, like "/st moria" (on the GC Tours Rail) or one can be set for them when they ride over a track.


The sign has to be [Station:nameofstation]. If the name is too long to fit in the first line, then split it off like pictured above with "-continuednameofstation" in the 2nd line. Any sign placed within 4 blocks of a track will reset a players /st command without telling them, so be careful where you place it.

Speed Signs

On Godcraft's Build server we have Minecart Mania set to default at 100% of Minecraft's minecart speed, but also allow a maximum of 200%. To increase/decrease the speed of a cart, do the following:


Place a max speed sign near a track with "max speed:xxx" (where xxx is a number between 1-200). Speeds above 100 are only recommended for straight long rides. If you're going to be climbing up an incline, turning or going through a sorter, I recommend slowing down to 100, then speeding back up once you're overcome it. Remember to also have a booster track after a speed increase as the minecart will only gain speed in this way.


Minecarts (using Minecart Mania) can teleport any height between bedrock and skylimit using elevator blocks.


To use them, place 2 pieces of red wool on the say x,z co-ordinate at a different y co-ordiante. Make sure that the cart goes in one way, and continues going in the same direction when it elevates.


Sorting minecarts (using Minecart Mania) may seem complicated, but is actually fairly simple.


Assume that in the picture above, Moria is to the right, Camelot towards the horizon and spawn to the left. Since Notch rotated the world 90 degrees counter-clockwise in 1.0.0 (actually changed which direction the sun moves from, but all map programs adjusted) and since our Minecart Mania railway networks were quite extensive at this point, we decided to continue using old world directions for our minecart needs.

With that in mind, if the player wishes to Moria (which is visually West in the direction the track is), we have to tell the cart to travel North. So, whichever way you would like to go, rotate yourself 90 degrees clockwise, and that's the direction the cart needs to be told to go.

Station sorter signs will be read from the furthest away (within 2 blocks of the brick), then the next closest, etc. until either it runs out of signs to read of reads one with "D:x", where D is the default that a minecart will travel if it can't match the spefic /st the player entered.

Potential Issues

- When rounding corners, try to make enough room for the cart to go around it or else it might get stuck.
- Make sure that you slow down carts when entering turns, sorters or climbing blocks.
- Try to have at least 3 blocks between sorters if not more. They can end up reading each other's signs confusing the minecart.

For connections to the build2 railway system make sure to contact me so it can be added properly.
- List of Build2 Railway stations

If you have any issues, ask me in-game, on the forums via PM or on ventrilo and I'll help you out.
Oct 17, 2012