1. Hey Guest! We just wanted to let you know our new website is http://stonelegion.com and our new YouTube channel is http://youtube.com/stonelegionvideos Godcraft had lasted well over 3 years and became one of top servers in the world. We had decided overtime to start fresh with a new Site & Name but also change our ways. In the past Godcraft cost a small fee to play where Stone Legion is %100 free! So please check out http://stonelegion.com and hope to see you soon!
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Godcraft Adventures Server Client Download

Godcraft Adventures Server Client Download
To play the Godcraft Adventures Server you will need to use our Updater. The main reason for this is because we can't distribute modded jar files and instead we found a way to actually make it easier and more legal than most mod packs. Since we have not payed certification fees to Microsoft, the file may come up with a warning while downloading/running it.

Before you get started it is suggested you watch this "Client Install Windows" or"Client Install Mac" so that you know what your doing and don't have any issues.

  • The Updater Requires Java 7!
.:Windows Client:.
.:Windows / Linux / Mac Client:.

Q: A backup copy of minecraft.jar for version 1.4.7 was not found
A: This happens sometimes when you have not launched Minecraft and done a forced update but can still happen even after you do this but more rare. You can go ahead and download "This Zip File" and extract it in the folder: ".minecraft\mcu" This is pretty much just a fresh Jar file for the updater to added forge too and etc so it has a fresh clean copy to work from eachtime.
Q: Sits at 25% and does nothing
A: This is usually caused by a missing minecraft.jar file. To fix this click launch Minecraft and click options and force update. Run the game till you see it right in the game close it and close the updater then open our updater and then run update. You should be all new and working fine.
Q: I selected NEI to be installed but in game I don't see NEI.
A: We have hidden NEI by default just to make things look clean and not overwhelming for a new player. Just click O and it should bring up NEI while your inventory is open.
May 21, 2013