1. Hey Guest! We just wanted to let you know our new website is http://stonelegion.com and our new YouTube channel is http://youtube.com/stonelegionvideos Godcraft had lasted well over 3 years and became one of top servers in the world. We had decided overtime to start fresh with a new Site & Name but also change our ways. In the past Godcraft cost a small fee to play where Stone Legion is %100 free! So please check out http://stonelegion.com and hope to see you soon!
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Industrial PVP Server Apply for Whitelist

Industrial PVP Server Apply for Whitelist
Joining IC-PVP is pretty simple, we do request before you finish this step that you have taken the time to check out the "Rules" and also have taken the time and check out our "Guides" to help prevent any issues while your playing the game. We want to reminds you that there is many many other players that don't want to hear people complaining, and even asking how to do this how to do that and this is why we have a nice guide section with not only some nice videos but some links to the wiki's for almost all the mods.

1) Make a forum account using your Minecraft Name Here

2) Now create a post Here and copy/paste the following information and provide as much detail as possible in your answers.
Minecraft name:
Which Server are you Applying to:
Where did you hear about Godcraft: (If youtube please state what video)

3) Now you just have to wait for a Moderator to accept your application and this can take up to 72 hours but usually this process happens sooner so please don't rush. Once your application has been approved a moderator will reply to your application.

4) Now go to "Minecraft Forums Thread" and reply saying that you are applying and just include your minecraft name and then keep following the rest of these steps. - This is a requirement!

Now that you have posted your application you should have already viewed the "Guides" section and have read the "Rules" and made sure you understood them clearly. At this point we suggest you go into single player and test out some of the new mods that you might not be familiar to and remember "It's best to try to do things on your own then always asking for help because it will end up driving people away from the server and or cause people to dislike you. You need to be a free thinker willing to try things on your own"
Jun 19, 2012