1. Hey Guest! We just wanted to let you know our new website is http://stonelegion.com and our new YouTube channel is http://youtube.com/stonelegionvideos Godcraft had lasted well over 3 years and became one of top servers in the world. We had decided overtime to start fresh with a new Site & Name but also change our ways. In the past Godcraft cost a small fee to play where Stone Legion is %100 free! So please check out http://stonelegion.com and hope to see you soon!
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Industrial PVP Server VIP & Membership

Industrial PVP Server VIP & Membership
One of the ways we keep running our servers and pay the bills to keep the site going is through donations. Our donations give you small perks if it's a onetime fee to get onto one of the other servers or a VIP Membership that you can subscribe to our cancel at anytime that helps keep our server going for many years. This is a list of the bonuses that you get on the IC-PVP Server.

- Free access to the IC-PVP Server

Members (One time fee of Build or Industrial Server Access): - Apply Now!
- Blue Name
- Access to all these items: Project Table, Fluid Pipe, Pneumatic Tube, Redstone Tube, Restriction Tube, Magtube, Buffer, Mining Well, Automatic Crafting Table, Quarry, Land Mark, Pump, Refinery, Buffer, Automatic Crafting Table MkII, Forestry Farms, Forestry Cutting, Accelerator, Deployer, Block Breaker, Transposer, Filter, Item Detector, Sorting Machine, Retriever, Regulator, Assembler, Ejector, Relay, Trade-O-Mat, Mining Pipe, Miner, Pump, Forester, Treetap (Forestry)Mining Laser, RP Paint, Pipes

VIP 1 (Everything in Member Access + VIP 1): - Apply Now!
- /ignore playername
VIP 2 (Everything in Member Access + VIP 1 + VIP 2): - Apply Now!
- Colored Signs
- One Extra Base Protection Block
VIP 3 (Everything in Member Access + VIP 1 + VIP 2 + VIP 3): - Apply Now!
- Pink Name
- /ptime time (Changes current time for just your client)
Jun 17, 2012