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Industrial Server Patch Notes

Industrial Server Patch Notes
Industrial 3.0 Update - (6/15/2012)
  • Added Entity Watch v1.0
  • Updated WhoAreYou to v0.1.5
  • Updated Forge to v120
  • Updated bukkit to v1.2.5-R4.0
  • Updated Charging Bench to v1.95b r2
  • Updated IndustrialCraft to v1.95b r2
  • Updated TubeStuff to 49.0.5
  • Updated TubeStuff Textures
  • Updated IndustrialCraft Textures
  • Updated Wireless Redstone Textures (Sphax)
  • Added placement events for wires and logic blocks.
  • Added events to planters and harvesters, fixed missing centrifuge recipe.
  • Fixed problems with Construction Foam
  • Fixed events: Terraformer, Dynamite, Mining Laser, Dynamite-O-Mote, Nuke, Electric Treetap, Cutter (remove insulation), Barrel (left click), Mug (steal booze), Frequency Transmitter, Crops
  • Fixed Cropnalyzer
  • Fixed dupe bug (Cropnalyzer)
  • Added Rei's Mini Map Config
  • Changed Map Bind from M to P.
  • Changed Map Coords to Type1.
  • Changed Map Death Point on by default.
  • Changed Map Threading to on by default.
Jun 15, 2012