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Subway System

Subway System
Godcraft's Subway Systems

Some Notes on all Subway Tracks
Warning: All subway tracks and stations are currently not working. Minecart Mania has been broken since Minecraft 1.3 and has not undergone an update. Godcraft is currently wait for Minecart Mania Reborn to update so that all subway systems can continue to operate with any reperation or delay.

Note of Caution: Since the Subway system was completed the world of Minecraft has had it's directions changed, the subway system has remained the same but technically now points in the wrong direction.

Subway Direction Changes
North (N) takes you West
East (E) take you North
South (S) takes you East
West (W) takes you South

How Does Minecart-Mania Work?
Minecart-Mania Quick Guide
Minecart-Mania Reborn v2 Documentaion
Setting Up Stations

Build 1 Subway
The Build 1 Subway is composed of a series of subway tunnels that stretches the length and width of the Build 1 map. There are four main tunnels that spread in each of the cardinal directions. There are also 4 stations along each tunnel; 2k, 4k, 6k and 8k. At each of these stations you can find railways to many of Godcraft's premier projects and builds scattered all over the map. There are also some sub-stations located at the 4k, 4k points. These stations also have many railways to projects and builds. All of Build 1's railways are underground and the stations are mainly closed off to the public so don't go trying to get off a minecart while on the track as you may have some trouble getting out of the tunnel.

Subway team
  • Electrobot (tunnel work, organization)
  • Sniper3 (tunnel work, organization)
  • Shaostoul (tunnel work)
  • flqw (stations, Minecart Mania mechanics, tunnel work)
Build 1 Subway Map (as of 22/05/13)
(Coming Soon)

Helpful Build 1 Subway Links
Subway Beautification
GC Tours
Subway Status

Build 2 Railway
Unlike the Build 1 subway, the Build 2 railway is built entirely above ground. It stretched from spawn to each edge of the map in the four cardinal directions; 4k North, South, East and West. When a project/build comes along, the system diverts minecarts underground into a miniaturized 4 way station that directs your cart to your specified station, or lets you continue on main track. There are 2 main stations along each track at 2k and 4k. These stations have yet to be completed and as such you will pass right through them. The tracks that lead to projects can be customized to the players liking as long as the system continues to be operational.

Railway Team
  • ElectroBot (Rail Construction, Organization and Minecart-Mania Mechanics)
Build 2 Railway Map (as of 22/05/13)
(Coming Soon)

Helpful Build 2 Railway Links
Railway Station List
Railway Info

Minecart Mania Reborn
  • Cart Kill Timer: 1 Minute
  • Mine cart Kill Mobs: True
  • Mine carts return to owner: True
  • Maximum Mine cart Speed Percent: 200% (slow down to 100% on corners)
  • Mine carts Clear Rails: 3
  • Keep Mine carts Loaded: False
  • Mine cart Spawn Timeout: 5 Seconds
  • Intersection Prompts: 2
  • Station Sign Parsing Method: 1
  • Minecart Spawner: Jack-O-Lantern (spawns minecart when activated through redstone)
  • Platform: Lime Wool (catches nearest player when empty minecart passes over, Range:4)
  • Elevator: Red Wool (have to be at same coordinate)
  • Minecart Destroy: Iron Ore
  • Booster: Unpowered "Powered Rail"
  • Reverse: Clay Block
  • Catcher: Mossy Cobblestone
  • Ejector: Iron Block (use with eject here or eject at signs)
  • Intersection/sort block: Brick-block
May 22, 2013